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Princess Minon-Minette
H.J. Ford
Andrew Lang, The Pink Fairy Book

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The Flying Trunk The Bird 'Grip' Princess Minon-Minette The Snow Queen The Sprig of Rosemary Catherine and Her Destiny The Man without a Heart Urashimataro and the Turtle The Two Brothers fairytalemood:

Andrew Lang’s The Pink Fairy Book illustrated by Debra McFarlane

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“The Star Fairies and Other Fairy Tales” by Edith Ogden Harrison with illustrations by Lucy Fitch Perkins
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Fireflies - Henri-Camille Danger

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He took a long, long farewell of the Princess, and when he got out of the Giant’s door, there stood the Wolf waiting for him.

An illustration by Kay Nielsen for The Giant Who Had No Heart in His Body, from the collection of fairy tales East of the Sun, West of the Moon. Nielsen is an outstanding artist, and his illustrations have a very strange, enticing quality to them.

Scan by me.

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