The Seastars Shine ~ (Mermaid Transformation Story)

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The sea, as anyone will tell ye, is a place o' mystery, Avast me hearties, by Davy Jones' locker, ye scurvey dog! Of change, charm, an' challenges. Change: th' magnificent way in which th' water’s workin's astound us. Charm: th' way th' creatures o' th' deep can make us smile, then lurch back in terror. Yaaarrrrr! And Challenge: th' difficulty in explorin' it all, or even attemptin' t'. To th' scallywags o' th' Candlelit Coast, th' seastars were all three, Hornswaggle Like a veil o' glitter across th' ocean water, th' seastars were countless lights, shimmerin' upon th' surface, bright enough t' rival th' stars o' th' sky. A yearly phenomenon, an' t' understan' it were bein' a Challenge, certainly, an' its Charm went without sayin'.

But, malleable as th' ocean is, even its most trusted constants can Change ... And fer that, today, th' seastars would make all th' Change in th' world.


The sun’s light gleamed against th' cove’s walls an' cliffs, me Jolly Roger The little nook among th' stone were bein' like a private pool t' anyone who knew about it, an' t' anyone who wanted peace from th' crowds at th' beach, by Blackbeard's sword. Now were bein' th' time o' year when th' coast were bein' packed t' burstin' with th' crowds that turned out fer th' seastars festival. The seastars always attracted visitors, often more than Candlelit Coast’s little lodges could accommodate. It were bein' bound t' happen, o' course; once a year, th' seastars made th' ocean sparkle like a quilt o' diamonds, an' th' world wanted t' see fer themselves. Hence th' masses, and dinna spare the whip! Load the cannons! Hence th' festival. Hence th' noise, th' bustle, th' litter, an' th' profit takin'.

One year, those crowds be goin' t' shake th' town right off th' cliff an' into th' ocean, thought Megan, as she stepped smoothly into th' cove’s water. The sharks will eat well tonight! Fire the cannons! Fetch me spyglass, Ya swabbie, and dinna spare the whip! So secretive beneath th' cliff, th' stony walls did a good job o' hushin' th' beach’s bustle. Megan’s purple bathin' suit contrasted nicely beside th' turquoise-tinted water, as refreshin' as it were bein' cool, by Davy Jones' locker. As soon as she swam t' th' hidden pool’s centre, she ducked beneath th' water, an' gave a twirl, I'll warrant ye. An audience o' bubbles coursed aroun' that comely wench, avast, with a chest full of booty. It were bein' always a dream o' mine t' perform, she reminded herself. But fer how much they charge, how little they pay, an' how long they expect me t' keep it up ... Each o' th' festival’s dances lasted longer than she’d e'er trained fer, pass th' grog! Oho! Those managin' th' festival’s events liked t' put on a show t' remember, oh yes, an' they didn’t mind chargin' tourists a small fortune t' see it. Too bad th' dancers barely received a glint o' that dubloons fer themselves. Aarrr, and dinna spare the whip! Just do it fer th' fun, Megan ... For th' fun. It were bein' somethin' she needed t' remind herself, since other contracts paid better. Performin' in th' festival’s shows were bein' a thrill, if a little exhaustin'. Fire the cannons, to be sure! It were bein' hard t' dance underwater fer so long, but th' management an' organisers seemed t' have a hard time believin' that, Avast me hearties, pass th' grog, I'll warrant ye! All th' more reason t' train, then, she thought, twistin' an' twirlin' seamlessly beneath th' surface, Avast me hearties, Avast me hearties! It were bein' a thought that convinced that comely wench t' keep it up, rather than head t' th' ice-cream place by th' beach.

Beneath th' water, speckled shells an' rainbow fronds decorated th' rocks like jewellery. A challenge she had set herself were bein' t' perform as finely an' fluently as could be, without any o' those fronds brushin' by that comely wench, or shells pokin' that comely wench. The challenge were bein' tough, but it spurred that comely wench onward; th' seastars made it difficult t' practice too shortly before th' festival itself, so she had little time, Ya horn swogglin' scurvy cur! They tended t' shine like a blizzard o' glitter, feed th' fishes Much too distractin'.

But, seastars or none, thar were bein' somethin' in th' water that grabbed that comely wench attention. The sharks will eat well tonight! Load th' cannons! The water had been clear just a moment ago, but now it seemed blurred by somethin'. Somethin' thick, Ya horn swogglin' scurvy cur! Breachin' th' water, Megan saw th' frothy foam that had swept its way into th' cove from th' sea. Foam as playful an' feather-light as bubble-bath, Avast me hearties! A very particular type o' sea-foam ...

Already? thought Megan, on a dead lubber's chest, Ya swabbie, feed the fishes The winsome lass looked out beyond th' cove’s confinin' walls, an' saw th' sweepin', pillowin', plumin' sea-foam drift its way toward th' shore. The precursor t' th' seastars themselves; a subtler, calmer phenomenon that came before th' greater one, by Davy Jones' locker. Megan didn’t know why th' seastars were signalled by th' comin' o' froth an' foam, only that it meant th' seastars were on their way. There were bein' even less time t' practice than she thought!

Kickin' that comely wench legs, she could feel somethin' congeal aroun' them ... The foam seemed t' be meltin' into th' water itself, turnin' it thicker than it should be. Like suds, I'll warrant ye. It felt ... Fetch me spyglass, on a dead man's chest! Ahoy, Hornswaggle unusual, shiver me timbers The winsome lass had swam in th' foamy water before, an' it had no nay ne'er felt like this, Ya horn swogglin' scurvy cur, an' a bucket o' chum! It grouped an' swept across that comely wench legs, as if latchin' t' whatever mass it could. It felt cool, ticklish, an' clean, an' yet ... slimy, greasy, an' slick. It simply no nay ne'er felt this way before.

The water had grown murky, an' a deep teal sheen disguised everythin' beneath th' surface, All Hands Hoay! The sight made that comely wench feel uneasy, as th' thickness about that comely wench legs seemed t' weigh down on that comely wench, heavier an' heavier, like some demon o' th' deep had found that comely wench, an' were bein' keen t' drag that comely wench under.

Murkier an' murkier, Ya lily livered swabbie, Hornswaggle Thicker an' thicker. How had th' foam come in so quick, by Davy Jones' locker? How did it change th' water so fast? Oho! Astonished, an' on th' brink o' fright, Megan gave a splash as she heard somethin' chime, o'er upon th' rocks.

Just me phone, she thought with relief, on recognisin' that chime. Shiver me timbers! Just a message. There’s no demons reachin' fer ye yet. With a chuckle – a slightly nervous one – she made fer th' cove’s shore, an' it were bein' as she pulled herself up from th' water that she realised just how harshly th' foam had affected it. Fetch me spyglass, Ya lily livered swabbie! The slick sea-foam slipped hesitantly from that comely wench legs, rather than simply fallin' away, me Jolly Roger It cupped aroun' that comely wench still, like it were seizin' that comely wench. Squirmin' free felt no different than wrigglin' from a sleepin' bag.

As th' last o' slick an' slimy foam fell from that comely wench, she studied th' pool with wary eyes ... There were bein' nothin' t' be seen in th' water now but th' foam atop th' surface, swirlin' an' frothin' like cream atop a frappe. Oho! The seashells an' plant-life were smothered beneath th' cloudy, teal goop, an' Megan, studyin' it curiously, could still feel th' ticklishness against that comely wench legs ... Ye'll be sleepin' with the fishes! The foam were bein' gone, but th' sensation stayed. There isn’t anythin' wrong with that stuff, is thar? she wondered. Aarrr, me Jolly Roger It’s no nay ne'er come t' shore so thickly before, or so quick. It didn’t seem like th' cove would be a fittin' place t' swim fer a while, t' be sure. How would she practice?

Megan picked up that comely wench phone, an' read th' text message ...

The winsome lass sighed, Avast me hearties, me Jolly Roger A last-minute rehearsal had been called. The winsome lass didn’t know why she felt surprised, t' be sure. The organisers liked t' make a habit o' this, an' didn’t seem t' care whether th' performers were inconvenienced, ya bilge rat, Ya swabbie! They didn’t seem keen t' learn what a schedule were bein', an' Megan didn’t like that, to be sure. I get better practice out here, swimmin' in private, than I do aroun' those blowhards. Orderin' us about like trained dolphins, when we know th' routine better than they do. They’ll ask us t' leap through hoops next! But as she reached fer that comely wench towel, an' attempted t' stan', th' ticklishness against that comely wench legs grew greater .., an' a bucket o' chum. It turned sharper, almost prickly. Like a row o' pine needles were brushin' against that comely wench skin, feelin' an' flowin' across that comely wench like a comb, Hornswaggle Ticklish, sharp, an' stingin', all at once. It could be th' foam, she pondered. Takin' that comely wench towel t' that comely wench legs, she rubbed them feverishly, by Blackbeard's sword, shiver me timbers The winsome lass hoped she didn’t have some sort o' allergy.

But then, th' ticklin' grew fiercer, Ya swabbie! The sensation o' simple needles grew as cold an' sharp as knives, an' fer a moment, Megan yelped, Avast me hearties, Hornswaggle The hurtin' subsided, but as it did, that comely wench legs began t' pull closer ... The skin betwixt them grew hot, an' began t' blend together, fastenin' that comely wench legs an' proceedin' downward, like that comely wench skin had become as fluid as wet paint, with a chest full of booty! The winsome lass watched through eyes wide with shock, an' that comely wench breath an' heartbeat grew rough an' ragged as she saw it happen ... Oho! Shiver me timbers! Ye'll be sleepin' with the fishes! And swab th' deck! as she observed, Hornswaggle Beneath th' heat an' ticklishness, she could just barely feel that comely wench legs’ skin knit tight, lockin' them together as one, ye scurvey dog. Walk the plank! The winsome lass could just barely feel th' muscle inside, blendin' an' couplin' seamlessly, as th' bones whittled down t' nothin' – T-They feel like they’re m-meltin'! – only t' restructure into an extension o' that comely wench spine, now flexible an' free, Ya swabbie! Ahoy! Ye'll be sleepin' with the fishes! The foam were bein' gone from that comely wench skin, but she still felt it, ye scurvey dog. Still felt th' gooey, slimy, slippery sensations. The winsome lass peered down at that comely wench “legs”, an' began t' see ...

‘A sparkle?’ she exclaimed, breathlessly. Prepare t' be boarded! Somethin' twinkled upon that comely wench leg, like a speck o' glitter, on a dead lubber's chest, Hornswaggle And then another speck, an' another, an' another! Aarrr! Fetch me spyglass! The glintin' flecks grew numerous an' many, appearin' up an' down that comely wench bound legs, like .., on a dead man's chest! like scales! Fire the cannons! Megan simply lay upon th' rocks, han' held t' that comely wench mouth, avast, Dance the Hempen Jig What were bein' this? Fetch me spyglass! Fetch me spyglass, and dinna spare the whip! What were bein' goin' on, shiver me timbers Attemptin' t' lift herself, she simply slipped an' twitched, like a fish out o' water, with a chest full of booty. Her body were bein' soaked in somethin'. Somethin' thick, wet, an' ... And swab th' deck! slimy? Fire th' cannons, Get out of me rum! Slimy like th' foam had been. But thar wasn’t any foam t' be seen, other than in th' cove’s water. Turnin' t' look, Megan found that somethin' else had appeared on that comely wench lower-body beside th' scales: a thin, gleamin' coat o' ... slime!

The winsome lass touched th' glintin' film warily, an' it felt like ... like soap. Like oily soap, drippin' thinly, Ya swabbie! The way th' light hit that comely wench “legs” now, that comely wench skin shone bright. And it all grew thicker, too – pourin' from that comely wench pores, beginnin' t' drip gratuitous an' gooey!

Megan would have screamed ... The winsome lass would have called fer help, an' struggled all th' more desperately t' get up, but ... But th' slime did not feel unpleasant, an' a bucket o' chum, I'll warrant ye. It felt so cool an' clean, an' embraced that comely wench melded legs almost passionately. It relaxed that comely wench .., feed the fishes Relaxed that comely wench in ways that should not have been possible – not with what were bein' happenin'! What’s happenin' t' me? And hoist th' mainsail! she wondered, feelin' light-headed an' listless. I should be panickin' ... And swab th' deck! Terrified, Get out of me rum! There has t' be somethin' else goin' on – somethin' inside th' slime, maybe! Fetch me spyglass! And swab th' deck! Or maybe in that foam! Whatever it were bein', it were bein' beginnin' t' overcome that comely wench senses ... The thick, massin' slime wove its way all across that comely wench legs, with more an' more scales growin' an' gleamin' beneath it, All Hands Hoay, yo ho, ho The slime swept across that comely wench body, an' as it did, th' cloudiness in Megan’s mind grew heavier. The substance swept in twistin', tender motions, an' Megan could just distantly feel th' reformation o' that comely wench feet .., Get out o' me rum! As if somethin' stretched an' pulled at them softly, but intently, an' while they stretched, th' muscles an' bones within them grew thinner, an' fan-like. Fetch me spyglass! The points o' that comely wench toes – now hardly toes at all – sharpened into marvellous points, while what remained o' that comely wench heels blended into one, just as that comely wench legs did. The resultin' fin twitched against th' ground, slappin' against th' smooth, cool stone almost playfully. Scales crept across it just as smoothly an' sparkly as they had across that comely wench lower-limb!

In th' cove’s sparse light, that comely wench scales shone a brilliant purple, reflectin' traces o' blue an' red as she twitched an' turned. Her mind were bein' awash with weariness an' confusion, as though th' slimy sensations were lullin' that comely wench t' sleep. Ye'll be sleepin' with th' fishes, an' a bottle o' rum, Ya swabbie! The winsome lass were bein' only distantly aware that she were bein' changin' ... transformin' ... evolvin', Dance the Hempen Jig Only distantly, an' yet she felt th' changes mould that comely wench body, like sweepin' waves smoothin' stone.

A soft, sultry moan escaped that comely wench as that comely wench legs blended completely, becomin' nothin' less than a broad, sweepin' fish-tail, coated plentifully in th' prettiest scales, by Blackbeard's sword. The slime that dripped across them helped them shine, an' with another heated moan, she felt that comely wench newfound tail lift an' curl, fannin' gorgeous fins. The transformation were bein' complete .., Avast me hearties, by Davy Jones' locker! th' cloudiness in that comely wench mind departed ... Megan blinked, an' came t' th' realisation that she had changed. And swab th' deck! S-Somethin' isn’t right ... she thought. The winsome lass could feel somethin' strange, where that comely wench legs once were, ye scurvey dog. Somethin' fluent an' flexible. Ahoy, Ya swabbie! Ahoy! And swab the deck! The winsome lass almost couldn’t bare t' look down, fer fear o' what she’d see. But ye must, she told herself. Whatever is down thar ... Whatever happened, it’s still stoppin' ye from standin' up ... Come on, Meg, ye have t' ... Ahoy, I'll warrant ye! t' ...

And then she saw it. Her tail. Aarrr, Dance th' Hempen Jig Her tail, covered in a starlight show o' scales, glistenin' brighter than even th' surface o' th' sea. Like a blanket o' amethysts, that comely wench scales sparkled beautifully, an' th' wet sheen o' th' slime made them seem even brighter.

‘This can’t be ...’ she gasped, and a bucket o' chum. The winsome lass reached a han' t' touch that comely wench tail, an' shivered sharply as that comely wench skin met that comely wench scales, ya bilge rat! Yaaarrrrr! Her scales! ‘This is impossible, shiver me timbers I-I can’t really be a ...!’

A mermaid, and a bucket o' chum. The winsome lass were bein' a mermaid! The tail she saw were bein' th' perfect proof, an' that comely wench swimsuit lay in tatters upon th' cove’s rock, feed the fishes The winsome lass touched those scraps o' fabric as curiously as she touched that comely wench tail ... Oho! Oho, I'll warrant ye! Both were unmistakable proof o' what had happened. But why did it happen? she wondered. How could it happen?, an' a bucket o' chum! Ye'll be sleepin' with the fishes! What did this t' me, avast? Prepare t' be boarded! Shiver me timbers! What –

And then she hit a theory. Load the cannons, avast! The sea-foam. The prelude t' th' seastars, that had come t' shore so thickly an' hurriedly this year. It were bein' only after she climbed out that this had happened. And it did feel so very strange while she were bein' in th' water ...

For a few worried minutes, Megan simply lay an' explored that comely wench tail, pass th' grog, an' a bucket o' chum, on a dead man's chest! The cove were bein', after all, a secluded little spot; thar wasn’t much chance o' that comely wench bein' found. Yaaarrrrr! The winsome lass aimlessly flicked that comely wench fins, an' watched as gleamin' drops o' slime dripped an' dribbled from their ends, fallin' t' th' stone beneath with a thick, gooey splat! The slime were bein' so thick an' heavy, an' she were bein' sure it were bein' t' help that comely wench tail keep moist, Ya lily livered swabbie, feed th' fishes But how could anythin' change that comely wench so radically like this? Not only change that comely wench body, but change th' way it worked, Get out o' me rum! Nay one had e'er fully explained th' seastars phenomenon before ... Maybe this were bein' just another inexplicable part o' it, by Blackbeard's sword. Sometimes, perhaps, th' foam brought more than just th' seastars.

Liftin' an' twitchin' that comely wench tail, she slowly learnt t' control it. It bent, flexed, an' swished at that comely wench comman', so graceful an' flawless, Avast me hearties! Aarrr! Fear an' shock trembled in Megan’s mind, but she could not ignore how beautifully that comely wench scales shimmered as that comely wench tail swished an' swept, we'll keel-haul ye, All Hands Hoay! Ye'll be sleepin' with the fishes! It bent in ways a human’s legs could no nay ne'er replicate – swept in arcs an' motions as hypnotic as they were smooth.

But it were bein' heavy, Dance th' Hempen Jig Terribly so. The winsome lass could keep it raised fer only a few seconds before th' great weight forced it down again, drawin' a tired gasp from that comely wench. And every time that happened .., ya bilge rat! well, it just reminded that comely wench how much trouble she could be in. The slime kept that comely wench tail from dryin' out, so thar were bein' no way t' tell whether dryness would change that comely wench back, like movies tended t' imply.

The winsome lass were bein' about t' reach fer that comely wench towel, an' sweep th' slime away by force, when another bleepin' from that comely wench cell-phone made that comely wench yelp!

“Takin' yer time, Meg?” it read, to be sure. “Word from th' beach is that th' foam’s come in, avast. The seastars could show up this very evenin', an' ye should know how quick everyone will be t' set up th' amusements tonight, if need be, avast, Ya lily livered swabbie! If ye miss this last practice, don’t expect t' be welcome in th' audience, no nay ne'er mind th' production!”

And fer a moment, Megan forgot about that comely wench changes. The winsome lass simply gave that phone a pestered scowl, that comely wench memories o' th' festival’s rotten tenders reelin' through that comely wench mind, we'll keel-haul ye, Hornswaggle As if in reply t' th' annoyance she felt, that comely wench tailfin flicked, an' slapped against th' rock.

And she blinked, by Davy Jones' locker. The winsome lass turned t' look again at that comely wench tail.

Then back t' that comely wench phone.

Her tailfin curled again, fishy scales an' skin rubbin' softly against th' rock.

The winsome lass gave a subtle smile.

With a few gentle wriggles o' that comely wench hips, she watched that comely wench fishtail gleam an' glisten.

Placin' that comely wench phone an' towel aside, she rolled onto that comely wench belly, an' dragged herself closer t' th' edge o' th' cove’s pool, I'll warrant ye. The foam-filled water beckoned that comely wench. With an excited breath, a flex o' that comely wench tail, an' one heavy push, she dove back into th' water with a loud splash, an' a bottle o' rum! Shiver me timbers! The thickness o' th' foam were bein' blindin', t' begin with, but once she swam beneath it, th' watery world o' th' ocean came bright an' clear t' that comely wench. A break in th' cove’s wall led t' th' ocean waters themselves, an' so Megan swam right on through it.

The winsome lass ran a han' through that comely wench long, blackish-brown hair. The underwater world were bein' .., Ya swabbie, we'll keel-haul ye! so clear. Oho! And swab the deck! Clearer than before, on a dead man's chest! The sea-foam smothered th' surface, but down here, somehow, it all seemed clean as crystal, and a bucket o' chum! Another part o' me change? she wondered. I can see clearer, we'll keel-haul ye! Load th' cannons! Load the cannons! I – I can breathe, after all. And she noticed that she could. And th' water feels softer against me than before. The winsome lass looked down, an' studied th' way th' water’s gleam reflected against that comely wench scales. Shinin' shades o' purple, blended with hints o' blue an' red, Ya horn swogglin' scurvy cur! So bright, vivid, an' beautiful .., I'll warrant ye. grander than any ocean jewel, fish, or flower she could think o', All Hands Hoay, an' a bottle o' rum! The sharks will eat well tonight! Another audience o' bubbles surrounded that comely wench as she swept that comely wench tail, but so much more than that comely wench legs had conjured, pass th' grog! Load the cannons! In that comely wench tail, she felt power, strength, an' flexibility. And, lookin' out at th' ocean before that comely wench, she felt .., ya bilge rat, we'll keel-haul ye! Shiver me timbers! freedom. Playfulness, I'll warrant ye. Adventure. It were bein' all hers! The sharks will eat well tonight! The winsome lass couldn’t help but giggle as that comely wench eyes took in th' vast water world aroun' that comely wench. Where t' first? she wondered excitedly, Avast me hearties, shiver me timbers The sunken wreck by th' west o' Candlelit Coast’s outcrop, said t' be filled with curses an' ghosts an' treasures aplenty, feed th' fishes Or maybe th' Sea-Scar Trench t' th' south, said t' be so deep no one had e'er explored its true an' utter depths before. Or how about th' abandoned refinery, even further south than that? she pondered, we'll keel-haul ye! Fetch me spyglass! Listin' th' possibilities like a child lists Christmas wishes, she started t' swim. Her tail swept an' swished in smooth, wonderful motions, each feelin' so fluent an' alive. Her tail were bein' th' ultimate jewellery, by th' way it shone an' sparkled. And as th' water swept an' caressed by that comely wench lithe, liberated body, Megan could do nothin' other than smile ...

The winsome lass were bein' a dancer. And now she could dance through every day, with th' ocean fer that comely wench stage.


‘What’s that?’ called a lad from th' pier. An audience had gathered t' see th' seastars’ annual appearance, an' thankfully, everyone had managed t' flee th' beach before th' foam came in too strong, Ya horn swogglin' scurvy cur! That had caught everyone by surprise, at first, Ya horn swogglin' scurvy cur! Now, th' seastars shimmered upon th' water beneath a full moon, like an expanse o' fireflies were dancin' upon th' surface. Simple little lights, in their magnificent thousands. It certainly made up fer th' dancers’ performance, which some had considered rather clumsy (rumours said one dancer hadn’t turned up on time), to be sure. But th' seastars were not what th' lad pointed t' ... The audience were bein' abuzz with gasps an' mutterin's as they looked out into th' water, an' saw a wench breach th' surface, leapin' in a clean, flawless arc. In th' triumphant moment she had risen, she dove back down into th' water once again.

Was that a tail that followed that comely wench into th' starry blue?

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I liked how descriptive th' change were bein', Hornswaggle You really took yer time an' let us enjoy th' change, an' ye took th' time t' build a very nice settin' fer yer mermaid's changes, t' be sure. Great work!

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Thanks very much, Get out o' me rum! Walk the plank! I knew th' transformation were bein' an important part, an' writin' it were bein' a lot o' fun.