Mermaid in Love [Indonesian]

As of early May 2016, an Indonesian TV station has a mermaid-centric soap opera running on TV, called "Mermaid in Love." (37 episodes and counting as of this post.)

A teen-age mermaid decides she wants to visit the human world to meet a boy whose picture she saw on a lost mobile phone app. [The mermaid world is boring to her, because (allegedly) it has only females.] With the help of a friend, she steals a magic pearl ring from a sea witch; when she wears the ring (and is dry), she has legs. However, if she remains dry too long, she suffers for it.

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The 3Tails Movie

For a few years, there have been some produced-for-the-web mermaid series, often inspired by the various H2O TV series. One of these, the 3Tails series, has now spawned a 60 minute movie which can be steamed on Netflix!

Basic plot: The protagonist mermaids face the threat of some mysterious (and not-so-mysterious?) enemies that want to use their mermaid secrets/DNA for nefarious purposes. Meanwhile, the mermaids get schooled on plastics pollution of the oceans.

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Corki Dancingu (The Lure)

Currently making the independent film circuit (late 2015/early 2016)--and even winning some prizes!--is a Polish film, Corki Dancingu (English title, The Lure) directed by Agnieszka Smoczyńska. The overall plot: Two mermaids come ashore to become part of a band and the growing 1980's Polish dancehall lifestyle. Ultimately, they would like to move to America! However, they compete for the love of a man and against their natural instinct of eating human hearts!

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SNL--Mermaids (Ariana Grande)

The 12 March 2016 episode of Saturday Night Live (hosted by Ariana Grande) had a mermaid sketch, available on Youtube. The gist: Three mermaids have each rescued a sailor and have fallen in love. However (from the sailors' point of view), some mermaids are more desirable than others. (Hint: The mating habits and anatomy of some real-world fish are . . . unsettling. :-P)

I note some creativity (for budgetary reasons) was used in the set: The mers are NOT seen full-body, but hidden behind a wall, saving on the costs of making full-fledged costumes.

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Mermaid Intern

Youtube has a live-action short film, "Mermaid Intern" by Julio Torres and Lena Einbinder, illustrating the trials/tribulations of a mermaid "adapting" to a work environment. (The title character wears a shirt and suitcoat.)

Some of it may hit "close to home"--e.g., the mermaid gets hit with a putdown when she tries to cite a strategy used in the sea (that she thinks might be applicable on land). I've had similar office experiences.

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Mermaid and Shoe (Selection?) 人鱼与鞋店

Mermaid and Shoe (Selection?) 人鱼与鞋店 is a one-shot manga-style story published in late 2015. Basically, in a time/place akin to the late 19th century Europe, a high-end shoe store proprietor gets an unusual customer . . . and she wants some custom-made shoes.

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Goodbye/To See a Mermaid 《再见美人鱼》(2016)

Later this month (Feb 2016), a third Chinese mermaid film is set to premier: Goodbye/To See a Mermaid 《再见美人鱼》(The title apparently translates either way.) There are already trailers (including one dubbed in English!) and a music video online.

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Mei Ren Yu 美人鱼 (2016)

Stephen Chow (a Chinese actor and film director, perhaps best known in the US for collaborating on the martial arts/special effects/comedy film Shaolin Soccer from a couple decades back) is scheduled to release Mei Ren Yu (美人鱼), a modern day comedy take on The Little Mermaid. It is scheduled for release in Chinese theaters February 2016.

The notional story: A marine biologist encounters a mermaid; she comes ashore to become better acquainted with him.

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Xiaohua Xiaohua 3 of the drive to Mermaid 《校花驾到3之人鱼校花》

"Xiaohua Xiaohua 3 of the drive to Mermaid" 《校花驾到3之人鱼校花》 is a mermaid-centric film that looks like it will premier early this year (2016). A promotional poster of the titular mermaid (enjoying an obligatory bubble bath in a tub) has been posted in the Seatails Facebook page.

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"Flirty" at Lung Fu Shan Ice Festival (2015)

A mermaid (with the stage name of Flirty?) posed with some ice sculptures at a Chinese festival. Google search should produce results; one set of photos was found at the following web site:

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